Do not mess with the wrong Pokemon

They took us down before because we had thin content. This isn’t acceptable and thus we are back publishing new stuff on a daily basis. We are the ones who want to help out the real Pokemon fans but somehow they deny us from doing that. What would be better? If a stranger lands on another website and gets scammed there or if he finds our site and gets what he wanted? I think the answer is obvious, but still we should say it so you won’t get it wrong. It is the second option of course. Everybody who had the first one in mind should leave this blog now. When you encounter a Pokemon Moon Rom you always have to prepared. You need enough PokeBalls to catch them and your Pokemon should be strong enough. A few potions can also be very helpful. The chance of catching a Pokemon increases when the health bar of the Pokemon is low and also status effects are key. The legendary ones are definitely the hardest ones to catch. You should put them asleep or paralyze them if possible. The best advice is to save the game before you encounter a rare Pokemon and to stay patient. You will learn for yourself how to do it after you played the game for a certain amount of time. Furthermore you will have a lot of fun so don’t forget about that. At the end we are only playing the game because we want to be entertained.

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