Here they are the new Pokemon games

Like every year Nintendo will publish new Pokemon games at the end of this year. In November we will be able to purchase them to be specific. Of course there are two different games like always, they are pretty much the same though. You might only find a few different Pokemon in those games. This time it isn’t a remake, we will get two completely new games. With the 7th generation we will get over one hundred totally new Pokemon, also we will be able to explore a whole new world. Besides there are many new features of course. The online mood has been improved by a margin and now it should be easier for players to connect. Before it was a pain the ass to play with your friend, it took several hours sometimes. This has been fixed now, luckily. Also there are now 3 vs 3 battles. This does not only sound crazy it is crazy. Are you excited yet? Soon you will be able to play the new Pokemon game. If you want to play it for free you can get the Pokemon Sun Rom on our website. The download is pretty fast and the Rom is working fine. On most occasions you have to complete a survey though, but this is done easily.

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